Orama Productions offers impressive and professional services to keep any event upbeat. All lighting effects and sound packages are customized for each wedding event specifications. Any of these services adds additional highlights and will leave a lasting impression.


Another way to add to your event is with Uplighting. This is lighting displayed upwards on walls, tables, columns, and other objects that could be highlighted with color. This has become very popular over the past few years and it is a spectacular way to decorate a venue. Compared to traditional Uplights our LED Uplights are able to produce custom colors, they are compact and are cool to the touch should a guest come in contact with them.

Intelligent Lighting

Intelligent lighting is controlled through an automated system and allow for color changes, intricate effects, and moves to the beat of the music.

LED Lighting

Has 256 razor sharp red, green, blue and white beams. Its produces unique and exciting LED patterns that may be projected onto a wall, ceiling, or dance floor.

Laser Lighting

Projects thousands of red and blue laser beams and motion effects. Create customized shows with independent control of red and blue diodes and easily generate eye catching effects with sound-activated and automated programs.

Monogram Design Lighting

Monogram Design Lighting will help you personalize your event even more. Custom Monogram lights are used to display customized logos, names or messages. Or select from Predesigned Template Images to add texture and depth to your event venue. Monogram Lights are a unique way to enhance the whole environment of your event.

Projector images for weddings, parties, events.